Our new meat cutting machine.

Many of our customers cut meat by hand. We at ABorgo, offer a new automatic cutting machine that can do the work of several operators.
For example, in cotechino production, filling and tying are performed together: placed at the outfeed of these two machines, the cutting system separates the products so that they can then be packaged individually.
When processing other pieces, operators can use the AS 75 cutter in stand-alone mode.

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The AS 75 professional cutting system.

Our new meat cutting machine has a calibre of up to 75 millimetres and is suitable for all types of cold cuts.
We designed our AS 75 cutter to separate products either synchronously with the AS 100 tying machine or in stand-alone mode.

touch-screen control

The latest generation meat cutting equipment.

Practical and simple to use, the AS 75 cutting system has advanced touch-screen control, with which the operator can easily set up and store the settings that correspond to the characteristics of the product to be processed.

stainless steel

Technical specifications of the new AS 75.

The new professional cutting system is equipped with all the safety systems required by the current standards and is made from stainless steel with a smooth satin finish that makes it easy to clean. The structure is mounted on four wheels supported by bearings, making it practical and easy to move.

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Other elements that make a difference.

The belts convey the product to the two end grippers, where they are then separated by the guillotine blade. The anatomic shaped infeed belt was designed to wrap around the product without damaging it.
The conveyor belts are made up of 16 rings with a diameter of 8 millimetres, which are suitable for contact with food.
The opposing arrangement of the two infeed conveyor belts allows the machine to adapt to the diameter of the product to be cut without the need for adjustment.

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