Borgo 1988:

tying machine’s manufacturing since 1988

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The history

The company Borgo 1988 was founded in the early 80’s by Antonio Borgo, who was manufacturing and commercializing food processing machines. The first headquarter was in Castelnuovo Rangone, in the province of Modena, which has been moved to San Giorgio di Velo, in Vicenza, and finally from 1988 established in the current headquarter in Thiene, Via dell’Artigianato, 5.

The production started in 1990 with the first semiautomatic tying machines AB 21 sale, followed by semiautomatic version AB 31 and synchronized with the application of brushless motors.

  • 2000s

    from year 2000 the company Borgo developed new technologies which could revolutionize previous models to offer to the market tying machines suitable to the sector highest standards.

  • 2008s

    Tying machines model AS 50 and AS 55, have been introduced to the market, in 2015 the new model AS 100, was launched, showed at Milan EXPO exhibition.

  • 2017s

    The company started to integrate to the tying machines the innovative remote connection systems (Industry 4.0), in addition to the new integrated automatic cutting system in the model AS 100 TI.

Tying machine

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Sales manager

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Purchasing manager

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Accounting manager

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Export manager

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Technical manager

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Parts manager

Today Borgo 1988

It is a well structured and reliable company, leader in food processing sector with a production site of 2000 square meters, a team of 12 people and an organized network of distributors, partners and external collaborators, the company collected about 1000 customers in Italy, in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

  • 2000

  • of production site

  • 12

  • of people

  • 1000

  • all over the world


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