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Binding machines | AS 50

AS 50 Binding machines

Our experience and the constant research in the binding sector, bring us to create a machine with the highest cyclic speed up to “200 portion/min”. Complete with casing’s breaking mechanical device, or, as optional is available the pneumatic brake, infinitely adjustable. Moreover, the brake’s sliding system allow a dynamic work.

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Curved sausages

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Cooked sausages

  • legatrice, legatrici
  • legatrice, legatrici
  • legatrice, legatrici
  • legatrice, legatrici
  • legatrice, legatrici

Binding’s mode

Binding's way single or double (optional), ideal for sausages‘ production to season or to cut between the sausages. Bindings’ rounds variable.
This machine is ideal for the production of sausages with a maximum caliber of 65 mm. Automatic functioning for a continuously single binding or semi-automatic for separated binding to ease an eventual seasoning or cut. The AS 50 is combinable with all the continuous vacuum fillers. It binds portions with fixed weight determined through the filler’s portioner or by time, set from its 7” Touch-Screen control panel.

prodotti legatrice


  • Fast and secure attachment to all types of fillers, by a screw fitting with spherical coupling. Assembled on 4 wheels with height adjustment, making it easy to move from place to place.
  • Fast load of casing through the spherical joint that allows the movement of filling pipe to the operator, in conjunction with automatic casing spooler AS 50-02 (option). It reduces at minimum the times of casing’s load.
  • It is equipped with a sled to hold the mechanical brake in the right work’s position or break-position (option: pneumatic brake).
  • Equipped with hole for large product output with sliding chute.
  • It is equipped with a new practical compartment for the power supply connection, pneumatic and connection to the filler.
  • The new versatile closure system of casing for binding, by an external adjustment, permits to calibrate the hole diameter according to the casing that is used.

legatrice con touch screen

The control panel

Touch-screen control panel coloured 7” positioned in the column in front of the operator, which makes easy and convenient processing settings.

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