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Binding machines | AS 2.1

AS 2.1 Binding machine

This models by Borgo which bind by length were created to be easy to use, manageable and versatile. The AS 2.1 is available in the semi automatic M version or in the automatic A version. Both two are suitable for butcher’s or meat factories with medium weekly produciton.

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Binding machine AS 2.1 M

AS 2.1 M Binding machine

The AS 2.1 M is a semi automatic binding machine suitable to bind sausages with continuous thread in natural casing. Its strenghts are practicality and simplicity of use, requirements that permits to everyone to use it, even without experience. Created with particular attention to its size, this model is suitable for small spaces: equipped with 2 wheels and 2 feet, its movement is facilitated by an handle, which permits an easy handling to move it from a room to an other one.

pulling group binding machine

AS 2.1 A Binding machine

The AS 2.1 A is an automatic binding machine equipped with extraction belts pulling group for sausages. Determined the length, the completely autonomous dragging of the product after the binding will be guaranteed. The two belts are positioned to avoid product’s damage during the transport, which leans on the inferior belt; while the superior one will be adjusted according to the caliber. The machine’s cleaning operations and spare part’s sostitution are practical and fast: it was designed to disassemble the pulling group easily and without keys.

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