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Binding machines | AS 3.1

AS 3.1 Binding machines

AS 3.1, an innovative project of synchronized binding machine for cured meats tying. Its simplicity and practicality make this model suitable for small and medium companies. The strength of AS 3.1 is its versatility, studied by the staff of our company. It is possible to work in two ways: by weight, determining it from the filler or by time, adjustable from the control panel of the binding machine, the production speed will depend on the weight and on the filling speed setted.

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  • All the work parameters are easily adjustable from the Touch-Screen which presents an intuitive and simple layout.
  • The machine is movable with the 4 wheels and adjustable in height, moreover it has an electrical box in stainless steel totally closed to isolate all the electro-pneumatic connections.

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This new binding machine model is synchronizable to all the continuous vacuum fillers on the market. The screw connection and the coupling without wrenches permit a safety and rapid fixing, while the impulse connection with the filler takes place via cable. The filling pipe’s length of 370 mm guarantees the possibility to use different types of casing and doesn’t alter the product quality. A practical manual lever permits the binding machine’s opening to simplify casing’s loading.


The pliers hole dimension allow to bind products with caliber up to 65 mm and with various casings: natural of pork or bovine, dried natural, collagen or similar. The pliers closing hole is adjustable through a manual millimetric registration. Additionally, thanks to the loop formation system and to the wide exit slide, which are already included, it is possible to bind also curved sausages.


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We decide to equipe the AS 3.1 with a bowl for natural casings, positioned under the filling pipe, which guarantees practicality during the production. Moreover, it gives the possibility to keep all the accessories close at hand for everyday use. To let the operator keep his hands free to manage the casing and the product pulling we provide the machine also with a knee lever to start the production.

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